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Title: —And the rain poured down…—
Pairing: Reed/Shane
Fandom: Glee, sub-heading: Dalton

Reed smiled at the painting he had in front of him.  He had been working on a likeness of the fountain on the south side of the building for a while now. It was nearly summer break and since the weather was nice he was hoping to get the paint dried in the summer sun.

Suddenly the skys opened into a downfall of water; the droplets splattering onto the acrylics adoring his canvas.  Paint shifted and soon before he could salvage it the damage was done.  His painting had been ruined and the paint over his hands was for nothing.

Reed's bottom lip trembled.  A day's worth of work ruined.  He took the canvas in his hand and looked at it sadly.  Half dried-half wet paint smeared on his hands and he begrudingly brought it and himself out of the sudden downpour.

Winsor House was quiet when Reed entered; not scary-watch-out-somethings-wrong quiet, but an everyone-is-out-or-leaving-early-for-holidays quiet.  He shook his soaking wet hair out of his eyes and brought his canvas upstairs to his and Kurt's ajoined room.

Inside Shane, Blaine and Kurt were talking; Shane visiting as his school had let out three days ago.  When Reed entered looking worse for wear, and possibly ready to trip any moment Kurt and Blaine left leaving Shane alone with the boy.

Shane noticed the paint smeared cashmere sweater and picked the painting out of Reed's hands.  Beneath the streaks there were flashes of white, blue and green.  Shane smiled and turned to the small boy.

"If its any consolation I think it looks better now."  Shane said laughingly.  Reed couldn't help but smile back, the poor attempt heartfelt at least.

Reed allowed himself to be gathered up in Shane's warm arms as the taller boy simply held him; waiting for the rain to let up so the paint could dry and he could start again.
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January 30, 2011
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